Our Mission: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

"When seeing how the drug epidemic was affecting our children. It was my mission to try and prevent another child from dying. Not everyone responds to the same path of recovery. Change Your Thinking Change Your life Foundation is a  nonprofit foundation that will offer several paths, with one on one peer sessions, along with a group type atmosphere to fill the individuals needs. A network of persons in long term recovery helping other persons achieve their long term recovery.  Based on my experience, most often when a person comes out of some sort of treatment for addiction, they go back to the same persons, places and triggers.  When this happens they sometimes end up using drugs and/or alcohol soon after again. With the help of donations, public aid,  this foundations goal is to finance treatment necessary not covered by insurance or where there is no insurance.  To be able to finance medical needs such as Suboxone, Vivitrol and/or a more holistic approach not covered by insurance or where there is no insurance.  To be able to provide housing needed for individuals when leaving treatment or before entry into treatment when immediate safety reasons are deemed necessary. We will also have a family support group to help aid in the family structure. To inform about prevention and education of drug and alcohol abuse.To provide literature to educate a person about their own addictions. To offer individual programs, fellowships and recovery coaching for support and to try and re-train their thinking process to a more positive outlook on their recovery.  To provide the training needed to further their education and possible job placement.  To create in them a new sense of self worth in order to re-enter society with confidence.  As Fredrick Douglass once said "It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men" 

-Anthony Eack