Anthony Eack has been instrumental in helping my son on the road to recovery. Not that my son went willingly. But Anthony has a way of just shooting from the hip and no matter how many times my son would slip, Anthony offers to be there for him. He offered to go to meetings with him. He checked in on DAILY basis to assist in him staying on track. And the support I received from him in dealing with the situation was so important to me. I have seen Anthony in action in town trying to advertise and promote drug/alcohol abuse prevention. So happy to have someone like him behind us!
— Liz Comperiati, Mother
What do you write about someone who saved your life? What words can you possibly say to thank them or show them how grateful you are? When I first met Tony I had a substantial amount of time sober and we immediately clicked. He told me he was going to change Dutchess County and asked if I was ready to help. I had to idea at the time just how much he was doing for Dutchess County. In August of 2014 I slipped back down the rabbit hole. The progression of this disease is fast and heart wrenching for the people in it and the people witnessing it. I lost everything with in 11 months. Never once did Tony abandon me. He continued to talk to me and care about me the entire time. Even though I didn’t love myself and couldn’t believe I would ever be sober again, he loved me and believed in me. That is how Tony is with all the people he is helping. Tony is trying to clean up Dutchess County from every level. He’s involved in every aspect from dealing with politics to trudging in the trenches with addicts. Tony has numerous ideas and plans to help save the lives of addicts. Tony and his family go to any event they can with the “Gatz” mobile to bring awareness to people. His foundation “Change your thinking, Change your life”, helps bring awareness and information about addiction. It primary focus is on prevention. Tony’s dedication to this is like nothing I’ve ever seen. He works a full time job, has two kids, a wife, and I don’t even know how many addicts and parents of addicts that he’s taken under his wing. In his spare time he’s watching his chickens while smoking a cigar but even then I think he’s trying to think of what else he can do for the Heroin Epidemic in Dutchess County. I would also like to give credit to his wife Linda, because she has the patience and tolerance of an angel. I truly believe that Tony would never turn down an addict in need or a parent in need. One thing for sure, Tony will never stop fighting for the lives of addicts. The good news is the war is over and we lost. Thank you Tony for everything you do for this community. Thank you for giving my parents back a daughter, my children back there mother, but mostly for getting me my life back.
— Kyrstin, a grateful recovering Heroin Addict
When it comes to Tony Gatz, there’s so many amazing and positive things that I can say. When I first met Tony, it was in October of 2014. I was a little over a month sober and it was a week after my boyfriend passed away from a heroin overdose. I felt as though there was a special reason that Tony came into my life. He said he remembered me from a meeting about a month before & remembered me sharing about my previous relapse & how I was struggling. I exchanged numbers with him and would talk to him a lot about what I was going through. When I received my first 90 day coin, he was there to watch me receive it. Every time Tony’s asked me to help him with something to raise awareness in the community, I’ve always said yes. At the end of March 2015, I had a slip and I was embarrassed to go back to meetings, so Tony brought me back to my first meeting. He’s definitely been SO instrumental in my recovery and I truly believe that he’s an angel sent from God. He’s always been there for me when I needed him. When I received my 90 day coin again, I asked him if he would speak at my anniversary and he did. What he is doing for the community with raising awareness in regards to the heroin epidemic in Dutchess County is absolutely amazing. He truly gives 150% into helping any addict or parents of an addict who need help. I truly believe that he is going to continue to make a huge impact with what he is doing with his foundation. He is definitely very dedicated to helping anyone and everyone who needs it. He has definitely played an instrumental part of my recovery and I am ready to help him do anything I can to raise awareness about this epidemic. I just want to thank Tony from the bottom of my heart for everything he has done for me and my family.

— Noelle, a grateful recovering heroin addict