Every Sunday night we hold our own Opiate based recovery meeting we call the "RAP Session Meetings". It took us a while to figure out what we wanted to name out meetings. When Tony Gatz approached the idea of "RAP" it was perfect. An absolute match made in heaven. "RAP" stands for "Reach All Potentials". Our goal at our meetings is for you to share your story. We want you to come to the realization that you really are worthy of an amazing life And that everyone at that meeting is there for the same reason. To find that love and support they need to get through their recovery. When you come to our meetings you will be met with our series of "principles". They are not steps you must follow in order to succeed, because everyone is different and has a different path they must take in order to go through their recovery process. But we encourage you to look to these principles in your time of need and to follow them when you find yourself in a hard place or a place where a decision must be made. We want you to come to our meetings so that you can reach your potentials because you can always start over at any moment of the day. Come to our meetings and find a new life to live and love. Remember tomorrow never comes, so start today.